Friday, June 17, 2011

Dillon's 5th Birthday

Dillon the Birthday Boy!

Yes, even on his birthday we made him do his ROM (range of motion) and his stander!

Miss Julie, his nurse, gave Dillon a T-shirt and Short set and special toothpaste that is supposed to be better for him on the ketogenic diet.

Jay helping me make Dillon's ice cream cake - of course every other minute I heard "Can I lick that now?"
We decorated the backyard so that we could have a BBQ and enjoy the beautiful - not hot - day with him.
Dillon by his table with his presents and party stuff. The cake isn't out there yet... it IS an ICE CREAM cake! :o) Daddy and Mommy got him a giant exercise ball to be used for his therapy. Jay got Dillon some glow bracelets that we had fun using once it got dark. Truett got Dillon a 4 pack of play-doh for his occupational therapy.
While I was decorating I suddenly hear this little voice... can you see him?
Here's a closer view in case you couldn't find waldo! He woke up from his nap and heard us in the back yard so instead of coming down he decided to try to carry on a conversation with us from his bedroom window.
Mommy and Dillon! I wanted a quick picture before the wind blew everything away!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dillon's freckles! The more he is in the sun the more he gets - just like his Mommy!
Dillon's ice cream cake! His name is written with the hot fudge that is in between each layer of ice cream. YUM YUM
Jay being goofy when Daddy got home from work.
Daddy and Truett
Mommy, Daddy and Dillon - wow has he changed in the last five years! He is HUGE now! :o) I guess that is what babies do - they grow up!
Truett was so tired so he was in bed already - so here is Daddy with his oldest two boys.
I love this picture - except for the lantern in the background. I love my Dillon Boy!
Another picture I love! I think you can see how much Dillon and Daddy look a like with this one.
Me and my Big Boy!
Snuggle time!

Love his chubby little hands. his hands and feet are chubby but that is the ONLY chub on this boy! His legs and stomach are so thin!

I tried to get a picture of the three boys after Truett woke up and it was a disaster! I couldn't get them to hold still... and look normal at the same time!

I do like this one though. Even though you can't see Truett you see them having fun and enjoying each other!

It was a good day over all. It is always emotional if I think about it - so I just don't think about it. I just rejoice in having my Dillon here for another full year and praying that God will allow us another healthy year with Dillon.


Grandma K asked Jay to give Dillon 5 kisses for her so he did. She is still on the phone in this video in case you hear her.

Singing Happy Birthday to Dillon!

Dillon trying a taste of his ice cream cake! He didn't seem to appreciate it too much!

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Donna said...

Thanks for posting all the pics. I just got home from work and what a nice way to relax by looking at Dillon's birthday pictures. Nice pic with Julie. Love the freckles picture. Yummy looking cake-although when I saw the video of Dillon being fed ice-cream I said,"Suction him!" Nice picture of Dillon between Daddy and Mommy. The pics of all 3 boys looks "normal" to me. Thanks for videoing Jay kissing Dillon for me. See you all in less than a week, Lord willing. Love and prayers, Grandma K.