Saturday, June 04, 2011

Waterway babies neck collar/pool

This is Dillon's new little pool! It came with the neck collar for babies and/or special needs children. It is AWESOME! All the neck collars that CHOP tried were horrible, nothing actually held his head. The therapist at DuPont told me about this one so we ordered it for Dillon. It actually works! It holds his head above the water!

The little barrel pool and the next collar are only 100 plus shipping - I HIGHLY recommend this for any premature baby or special child. It fits right in our bathroom (although I moved it outside hoping the heat would keep the water warm). Everything for our special kids is SO expensive, but I thought this was a good deal to be able to do aquatic therapy no matter where you live!

Video can be seen here. (Don't mind Truett in the background he was past nap time)


valerieschnarr said...

wow modern inventions, how did you keep Jay out?

Donna said...

Dillon looked so relaxed in the video. This looks like the ideal thing for him. Love, Grandpa and Grandma K