Saturday, March 03, 2012

Day of Pampering

Last Saturday I went with two friends from church to "A Day of Pampering" which is an event that was started by Joni and Friends and hosted by different churches. It is a day for Moms or Wives who are caregivers to a family member with disabilities.


We started with some fruit to eat while we registered then went in for some songs. They had an "interview" time with 3 ladies who were at different stages of dealing with the disabilities. It was interesting to hear the different views. I can see how I used to be more like the one lady, but now 5 years into I have progressed some and was like the second lady, I think. Then we had the "Blessing of the Hands" this was a time where they read a poem - a great poem that I will have to type up later when I have time.

Then we went in for a lunch and then the fun began. There were haircuts, manis, pedis, massages, etc. All for free, you just go and wait in line or sign up and you can get anything you want done. It was such a great time of relaxation!

For those around here that may be interested in it there are two churches that do it:
Mannor Church (where I went)
Calvary Church

If you are interested make sure you find out when to register and register THAT day. Mannor church said within 24 hours of opening registration they were full and had a waiting list. They started about 7 years ago with only 20 ladies and now are able to take 152.

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