Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Haddie's 6 month

Haddie had her 6 month appointment this week... she is 24.38 inches which is the 7% and she is 12lb 10.65oz which is the FIRST percentile. That means 99% of babies at 6 months are bigger than her! That's my girl!

BUT when the doctor saw her scooting on her tummy across the exam bed to get something he said she is way beyond where she is supposed to be developmentally. Someone on my facebook said she is tiny but mighty! I like that!

Monday night we also took her to get her ears pierced. She looks adorable. I will post pictures soon. I think they literally used a sharpie and so the purple mark is still there! I am waiting till the purple goes away to get pictures. We got her blue sapphire, her birthstone, butterflies. It is adorable. it was so sad to see her cry during it.

Hint for other Moms: I had Josiah hold her but I should have held her so he had to see that sad face instead of me!! LOL

Josiah said it is good we only have one girl b/c he couldn't do that again! But this is coming from the man who was never with me for any of Jay's immunizations and didn't have to listen to him cry over that either! I am glad it is done so she will not remember the pain and she looks so pretty. Such a little lady. I'm excited to see my little lady as she grows and matures into a young lady (not that I'm rushing or anything, just thinking of how awesome it will be to have a daughter to raise for the Lord!)

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valerieschnarr said...

Tiny but mighty just like her momma! love you Haddie!