Monday, April 30, 2012

Kelly Anne Dolan and the Spirit of Philadelphia

The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund has an annual event with the Spirit of Philadelphia for families with kids with severe disabilities. This year we were invited to go on the 2-3 hour cruise! It was so much fun! The Spirit of Philadelphia DONATES the ship, the staff all work for free that day, and the clowns are all volunteers! I think they said it totals around $50,000! And they do it for free to be a blessing to families like ours!

Waiting in line, they had so many clowns for the kids!

Meeting Miss Philadelphia!

Somehow I thought Haddie would appreciate this photo the most one day...

While we ate lunch they were coming around making the kids laugh. I have never seen so many kids as severe as Dillon. It was "nice" to see them because it helped me know that we are not alone in this. There are SO many kids like Dillon that I have never seen anywhere before. Now, how can we reach out to these other families and encouage them and help them find strength in God????

Dillon enjoying the breeze! It was a BEAUTIFUL day! We couldn't have asked for any better!

Daddy and his girl

Aren't they sweet!?!

The front of the ship

THANK YOU to the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorail Fund people and the Spirit of Philadelphia people for their kindness! We had a great time!

Truett was hot so he found a place to sit... under a table! Hey, why not?

My little man is growing up! 

But not too fast! He still like to get painted by a clown! Since it was Sunday afternoon in between church services I told him he had to get it on his arm instead of his face. He wanted a worm but the clown said that was borning b/c it would just be brown so she asked him if he wanted a snake instead.

After a LONG afternoon Dillon decided to drive us home....
LOL! He was tired from his chair so when Daddy was in a store I put him here to stretch out and rest!

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