Monday, April 30, 2012

More April Pics!

Truett playing in the back yard

My first facial box! For those of you who don't know I started my own Mary Kay Business. I would REALLY appreciate help starting my business! If any one would like to have a night of pampering with 2-3 friends you would be helping me SO much! I need the practice and you would have a fun night! Or - if you are interested in buying skin care products or anything else please email me. I really appreciate help. If you tell me you read my blog there will be a special discount!!

Figs growing already in our backyard. Normally they don't start to grow already but this warm weather must have tricked them!

Other flowers in our yard - don't ask me what they are I have no clue!

Daddy and his little girl going down the slide - in her Sunday dress no less!

I love pictures of Haddie with her Daddy!

Daddy's hand with his little baby girl's hand

Oh may we as parents raise our little girl to love, honor and obey the Lord with all her heart. Not only her - but our little men too! (Its just they were napping while these pictures were being taken!)

She loves the rare times she has alone with Mommy and Daddy!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our pictures.

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