Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family reunion

My family had a little family reunion last weekend! My parents, sister and her family and my family all got together. We went to the concert where the Collingsworth Family was filming their next DVD!

It was about a 9 hour drive (not including stops) for us, but only a few hours for the rest of my family so we figured it would work out good to get to see everyone. We left Thursday morning. About half way into the trip we saw we were going right by Josiah's grandma's house so we decided to stop and say Hi and have lunch with her. His parents also we arriving at the same time to spend the day with her so we all go to visit for about two hours, then we were on the road again.

Jay knew who we were seeing but his cousins had no idea we were coming so it was a fun surprise. They had a blast playing together...but the noise level was pretty high!

7 kids ages 5 and under! We took them in the pool a few times, shhh don't tell them our plan was to use up their energy! Even Dillon went in and after getting over how cool it was he had fun and tired himself out.

Dad with his Marine grandkids - even Haddie is in on it now with her new dress from Grandma!

We celebrated Dad and Mom's 30th (which is later this month) and as the cake said "Happy 30th and everything else! Mother's Day, Truett's birthday, Moriah just had a birthday, etc.)

It was very exciting to see how things are different at a taping, there were more lighting effects, and they told you things like don't leave during it but if you have leave during the singing not during the clapping after a song b/c that is when they do audience shots. Right as it was about to start the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave the building. We took that opportunity to get a family picture taken. Then everyone went back in. The kids did great during it. They enjoyed the music, played, colored, snacked, ate ring pops, etc! It didn't finish until a little after 11pm! So all in all they did great.

Don't ask me why Blogger turns my pics but it does...

Then on Saturday we drove home, with stops it took us about 11 hours both ways. It was a long car ride, a short visit, but well worth the family time.

While driving we saw signs for where I used to live. My husband never saw that area so we stopped to see the house and the church where my Grandpa was the Pastor.

Ok - Dad this picture is JUST FOR YOU!! See out in the distance....? Do those poles remind you of anything????

LOL! For those who don't know my Dad was doing something on those pole to help a friend and I think the wind blew or something and he ended up breaking some ribs!


valerieschnarr said...

Wow where to start, the family pic with Josiah's parents and grandma is a treasure!
We totally enjoyed the family time, it was funny to see how Haddie and her daddy are so close already...(wanting to swim the first night lol), the noise level was a little high, ha ha ha, I think we broke the sound barrier... I loved having Dillon all to myself for about an hour each morning!
The concert was my first and it was a blast, little did you know I was disappointed we did not get a family pic,and was praying somehow someway we would get it, who says the Lord does not have a sense of humor, He wanted everyone in on the family pic, thus the fire alarm.
The pics of you at the church in Belle Vernon took my breath away looking at Grandpa's pulpit, it was great of Pastor Malm to let you take them.
I will show dad the poles lol...
thanks for sharing,
Cant wait til we all meet again. Love you and hug the birthday boy really tight for me!

Dan said...

thanks for the pic of the poles there Tiff... I I was hanging a sign between the poles I slipped and the safety belt that I was wearing ( size or 2 to big) slipped up and broke a couple of ribs on both sides...40-50 down and no way to get there...NOT the most fun afternoon....but good memories

Donna said...

Good pictures. The pink and blue shirts with numbers on the children are so cute.