Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Baby Boy is TWO!

Happy Birthday my Truett!!! I can't believe my baby boy is two today!

Born at 3:59am on a Sunday May 16, 2010

This was about2-3 hours after he was born when his brothers met him for the first time before going to church!

My how he has changed!!!

Today we went to the zoo with him. Truett loved walking around and looking at the animals!

We all fell asleep when we got home....

After his nap he woke up to find that I had balloons for him to play with and Jay and Truett have been playing ever since.
After church we will have cake and presents. I will post those tomorrow but I wanted to get these on now before its gets too late. Here is his cake for later... cake balls. I baked the cake, l;et it cool the crumbled it up and made balls with the icing mixed in. Let them chill and them dipped some of them in blue chocolate.

Happy Birthday Truett - you are the sweetest little boy! You have such a sweet heart that wants to obey and make people happy. I love you!

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valerieschnarr said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY! Has it really been two years already????
We saw your sweet spirit, and obedience when we saw you, ALL of your grandparents are praying you continue to have that sweet heart and obedience when it comes to matters of the Lord!
Have a great day! we love you!