Thursday, May 17, 2012

more about my Truett

I didn't get to write everything I wanted to about Truett last night so I wanted to add more today.

Truett has the sweetest little smile I know. He loves to holds his hands on my cheeks and smile at me. He is so sweet to his little sister and even hugs his big brother out of the blue. He is the only child I know that is very camera shy. He literally turns away when he sees me hold it up, most pictures I post of him are after many many attempts and getting the back of his head.

A few months ago he was not talking or even babbling do he started getting speech therapy. He has improved so much over the last few months! He talks a LOT now! I still can't understand everything but most of it I can. He has started putting words together like "I don't want it." at dinner time! (nice try, kiddo - but that isn't going to change anything!)

We have been working on potty training, but just slowly. But in the last week it really seemed to click with him. For his birthday we got him a backpack that he can take a change of clothes with him everywhere he goes. Yesterday he told me when he had to go once and today we went out to the store without a diaper! He is doing great! He loves being a big boy like Jay!

When I ordered Jay's 1st grade homeschool I bought Truett two books for two year olds. He started that today and loved doing school with Jay. He also is finally starting to like to look at books. He even sat yesterday and today for me to go through ABC flashcards a few times with him.

It seems overnight Truett has started to take off and grow up1 I can't believe how big he is getting. He is so smart and I am finally getting to really see it. Example: We have two identical trash cans in the kitchen one is for trash and one is for recycle. I gave him something and told him to put it in recycle and he knew which one it went in.

Truett - you are so unique and special and I love you! You have the most precious blue eyes and sweet smile. You are an amazing little boy, so smart and full of adventure! I love you!!

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