Friday, July 28, 2006

What goes up must come down

Well, I was at the top of the rollar coaster this morning and now i am near the bottom. I got lost trying to find the hospital where Dillon's check up was, when I finall found it it took a while to find where I was allowed to park. I went to get Dillon out and saw that his feeding tube had slid down so the gravity wasn't feeding him. I finall got everything loaded on me which includes a diaper bag, a sucition machine, an apena machine and Dillon in his carrier. I saw a girl I know who is going to school and has some classes there and she directed me to where I needed to go. I walked down the big hill (what goes down must also come up in this case which is what I was thinking as I walked down.) I fouond the department I was supposed to be at and waited to "register". My little boy's skin was red becuase he was so hot from the AC not working in the car, which worked before Walmart had it yesterday for an oil change. Fianlly I told them I was late becuase of getting lost can they make sure I would still be seen. They had someone come out becuase I was not on their list for appointments today. To make this even longer story somewhat short I was supposed to go to the hospital by the same name on the north end of the city (I didn't even know there were two hospitals!) But that hospital didn't have me on for today either...or ever! I know someone called me from there and set the appointment up but they hand write everything and don't use computers. So they are booked till Feb!!! Now I am waiting for the NICU to figure out with the nuerologist what is going on. Oh by the way I went back to Walmart they looked at the car and said they didn't do anything wrong but amazingly enough the AC worked when I got back in! Dillon's head had fallen forward on the car ride and was resting on his chest but I didnt know becuase I can't see him. I am praying he didn't hurt anything. I am pretty sure he didn't becuase he didn't make any noise or anything indicating that he was hurt. I am deffinatly at the bottom, I don't want to go out if this is what it is like!


Abbi said...

Awww Tiffany, I'm so sorry you had such a poor time on your first solo excursion! You are so brave to even attempt to take him out by yourself! I commend you for that! I don't think I attempted that my first week home from the hospital...not to mention Dillon's special needs. You did a good job...don't feel bad about how it went. It will get better and easier to go out with him.

There are some cute, little rear-view mirrors out there too that really do help to keep an eye on them while driving. We bought our first one the week we brought Lily home from the hospital.

I will pray that you're next "trip" with Dillon goes better!

Tiffany said...

Thanks - and actually Josiah and I bought one today. I have a trip to St. Chris' tomorrow. Mrs. R might be able to go with me - she said she will call me tomorrow. I know I need to learn to handle him - but an hour and half is a distance.

Katina said...

A 1 1/2 hour trip is definitely something to have help for. I hope she can go with you!

I remember when Sophia (or was it Elijah?...Mommy brain) was only a couple of months old I went to Wal*Mart and the lines were soooo long that she started to SCREAM her head off so that people were making rude comments about her, and when I was finally checked out, I forgot my shopping bags on the wheely cart holder thing, BUT I had already put her in the car and I had to take her back out of her carseat and go back was so bad...I was crying just as hard as she was. I can relate. :)

Ditto what Abbi are a brave girl to go to a Dr. appt. alone so soon!

Jenn said...

Hugs Tiffany!

I'm reading your blog because my husband works with your husband. We are praying for you!

Anyway...I wasn't going to comment on your blog...but I noticed that you mentioned your son's head falling forward in his carseat. If this is happening, the seat isn't in quite right. I'm a certified technician, and I'd be more than happy to check it for you sometime--just have your husband talk to my husband about when you guys could stop by our house.