Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dillon’s First Christmas

The Saturday before Christmas, we went to WV to visit Josiah’s parents, brothers, and sister. On Christmas evening, my parents also came to WV – so as you can imagine this little boy was spoiled!

The medicine Dillon was put on seems to have stopped the seizures; however he was having some side effects. Since it makes it so that you cannot sweat, his body was over heating but his legs and arms were cold. With the doctor’s permission, we lowered the dose to half of what he was getting and this seemed to have stopped most of the problem. Occasionally, Dillon will still get an arm or a leg that turns red and gets hot, but even that seems to have come to an end. I have lowered the other medicine Dillon is on and he is so much more alert. A couple nights ago he was hitting the buttons on the toy he has to make it play music!

Back to Christmas time – One of the nights Josiah and I went ice skating alone since we had so many babysitters. When we got back my poor little boy had been put thru a photo shoot! Grandparents! J My parents left Wednesday morning and we the rest of us left later in the day to go to Pittsburg to see all of Dad Kuenzi’s family. Josiah, Hannah, Dillon and I left there about 11 pm to come back to Allentown. We arrived around 4 am and slept in nice and late. Later in the day, Mom and Dad Kuenzi arrived and then even later Daniel, Ezra, and Gina arrived. (They picked Gina up from the Philly airport). The next day all of us 24 and under – except Dillon – went to New York City for the day. Unbeknownst to Gina, Ezra planned to ask her to marry him there. Shortly after arriving Ez and Gina went off by themselves and the 4 of us went to Rockefeller Center and saw many things. While in the mall we looked up at the ice skating rink and saw Ez and Gina – we later found out we just missed seeing him purpose to her by minutes! We all met at the car around 8:30pm or so and went home. The next day we went to a couple touristy things in the area, it was a lot of fun. Mom and Dad left Sunday afternoon, as mom had to work Monday morning and the rest of them left the next morning.

It was a good Christmas! Dillon loved the Christmas carols we sang as Daddy played the piano. We didn’t have our camera as we were waiting for a new one to come in the mail since the last one we had was a horrible model, so all of my pictures of Christmas are from the grandparents. Our camera arrived as soon as we got home from WV. As you can see in the pictures, it looks as though Dillon is getting skinnier again. The truth is that he is getting longer! He is 27 inches and only 11.5 pounds! The poor dude literally cannot keep his pants up! Oh, well. I guess it just makes it easier to carry him.

St. Christopher’s Hosptial is trying to charge us $53,000 for Dillon’s bills. This means, based on their payment plan that we have to pay 987 per month for the next five years. However, I am trying to get the proper contact from the state as I am pretty sure the law says they can NOT charge me anything other than what insurance agrees to pays. This would be a HUGE blessing! Please pray we get that figured out soon. The supervisor of Dillon’s medical assistance case worker told me NOT to pay anything until we get it worked out and if I am afraid they are going to send it to collections only pay $0.05 or maybe $1.00. She said although they tell me I have to pay a minimum the truth is as long as I pay a nickel every month they can NOT send us to collections. This is a blessing because the man in our church who is working to help us was basically told we have to pay the 987 a month or go bankrupt. Please keep our medical bills in prayer; it will be much easier once we don’t have to worry about these any more.

Everyone that knows us in person (aka everyone other than the people who know me only by my blog) knows that Dillon is excited to announce that he is a big brother! This baby was not planned at all, but God is in control and must have a plan. This baby is due July 14, not even a full month after Dillon’s first birthday. We did not make a big announcement; we just told people slowly which is why I am just now saying something on my blog. I was terrified at first, but now I am just praying for strength (both now as I have been sick and tired a lot) and for when the baby comes and I am also praying that this baby will challenge Dillon and help him to develop. I can’t see why God would add this to our plate right now for any other reason, but He does have his reasons. Please pray for the health of this baby and myself and that God’s plan would be done concerning this baby and Dillon. Thank you!

Well that is LONG enough! (Abbi – you asked for a Christmas update – are you sorry you asked now? LOL)
Hope eyerone had a wonderful Christmas as well.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like your family had a memorable Christmas. Christmas is much sweeter when you have kids. Speaking of kids, congratulations on your new addition.

Abbi said...

That was quite the update! I'm glad to hear that Dillon had a great first Christmas, as did his grandparents, I'm sure!

Aw, how nice for Ezra and Gina!! What a romantic way to propose! I didn't get a chance to congratulate them at church.

And congratulations to you! I hope you feel better soon. We will be praying for Josiah's job situation.

Anonymous said...

I looked at your pictures before reading your blog. I noticed how you headed the family picture of the three, no four, of you. :) Then I came back and read your blog. (((((((((CONGRATULATIONS))))))))

I just had to look at the pictures first. :)

I'm going to put you on my prayer journal. It's


Anne said...

Thanks for sharing with me yesterday about Dillon's hospital bills:o). I was chatting with Sarah D. on MSN last night and told her and she was pretty excited!!!! Keep looking to Him!

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited in so long!
Congrats on the new blessing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kuenzi family,

Congratulations on the new baby. Our family is still in prayer for you. I love the pictures!!! Would like to share a verse : "The Lord is my portion, saith my soul therefore will I hope in him." Lamentations 3:24. I gotten such a peace when He gave me this verse, that he is all I ever need and hope for when all else has failed or when things aren't working out as planned. At times I look back at the beginning when Dillon got here, the difficulties and health scares....God has truly blessed in Dillon's behalf. He has also proven the Doctors wrong in certain areas, too. I will continue praying for the family with the finances, Dillon's health and the pregnancy. Also to strenghten you as a family. God Bless and hope to see you soon.

Love your Sista and Chocolate Brotha in Christ

Jen H. and Jerold (BHBC)

Anonymous said...

Dear tiffany,

I am glad you and Josiah had a nice birthday celebration. Bless the dear
folks that babysat Dillon for you. Please know that I will be praying for
you. I admire your strength to try something natural for Dillon. You are
swimming upstream, girl. Stay strong in the Lord. He will lead you through.
God bless you, Josiah and Dillon. I have you all in my heart.


Mrs. Vanessa Brown