Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hello Everyone,

Dillon had an EEG yesterday - of course I don't know the results yet! We were trying to see if he could be kept off of his one seizure drug or if he needs to still be on it. From my untrained eye, I thought his EEG ooked better than when he was in the NICU. Before he had a lot of time were the brain activity lines were nearly flat - I didn't see that this time at all. So as long as the extra activity wasn't a seizure - to me it looked pretty good. I am excited to hear what the doctor will say and will be sure to update you when I get the news.

Yesterday we were told something else interesing. I am not going to go into any details right now becuase we don't know anything for sure. However - it looks like there is a possibility Dillon's heart rate was too low from the moment I got to the hosptial indicating something was wrong from the very begining. This information will be looked into by highly skilled experts to see if this is indeed true. Although this possibility makes me sad and feels like a punch in the stomach (becuase if this is true that means it could have been prevented) it also makes me feel wonderful. I would no longer have to second guess myself for not pushing him out quicker, for allowing my water to be broken, for not telling that I didn't ever have that "urge" to push, and for every other little thing a mom can possibly find to make it her fault. Please pray for wisdom over the next year for the men/women who will be looking into it - that the right decisions be made. Please pray for me as well, as this came as very shocking news - I had no idea that was a possibility and it is a little hard to accept. Up to yesterday all the doctors have told me there was no way to know what happened to Dillon and that there were no warning signs that anything was wrong. While I found this hard to believe - I did believe it. It sure does let me breath a little better for this baby though, we wil know to keep a closer eye on his heart rate the whole time during the labor. (How many of you caught that? HIS heart rate! The ultrasound from the other day shows we are having another little boy!!! I was right in my guess with Dillon but I thought for sure this one was a girl. Good thing I didn't start buying clothes!)

For the first time in over 2 months I got 5 hours of good, solid sleep last night! I was afraid to go back to sleep at 5 am for fear that Dillon would keep waking me up and make me more tired than I was after only 5 hours. I have usually been getting up every 1-2 hours to suction him, but for some reason he slept perfectly quiet until 5 am! Praise the Lord! I needed to be able to sleep good for a change. Even though Si will sometimes let me put ear plugs in and he takes care of Dillon for the night I still wake up to the light or to the sound of the suction machine a couple times. So last night was a treat for me!! 5 hours of no coughing, no heavy struggled breathing, no lights, no suction machine, no getting up and trying to make my eyes focus in on the tip of the suction mactine in order to see what I am actually doing to the poor kid, no tossing and turning....just sleep! :-) Maybe Dillon figures he'll give me at least a few nights like that before his lil bro gets here and they start tag-teaming me! (My dad says they will be in the crib high-fiving each other as they say - "my turn to cough for a while" - "ok now its your turn to cry", my turn, your turn, my turn, your turn all night long!!!) Let's hope not!


Abbi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that something may be wrong with Dillon's heart. I will pray that the doctors are able to discover the cause and treatment of this potential situation.

Congrats on another son!!! What exciting news! Wow, it will work out great that he's a boy and a year younger than won't have too much shopping to do, in the clothes department. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you may find some answers to what happened to Dillon. I know ,from experience, the blame you put on yourself when there is something wrong with your child and all the questions you ask yourself.

Congrats on having another little boy! It will be great for Dillon to have a little brother.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the comments. I realized, in my attempt to leave details out I may have left something necessary out. I'm sorry for any confusion - the problem with his heart was at the time of birth. There is nothing wrong with his heart now it was just that his heart rate may have been to low during the labor which would be a sign of distress. I just wanted to make sure I clarified that...becuase it is a blessing nothing -to our knowledge - is wrong with his heart now!! :-)

Abbi said...

Oh whoops! I guess I read too fast. Thanks for the clarification! I, too, am glad that there is nothing wrong with his heart now.

Oh yes, and congrats on getting some decent sleep! Yes, they DO gang up on Mommy at times, and prevent her from getting very many Zzz's in a row. :) No fun, but by the grace of God, we make it!