Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vision Therapy

Just a quick update I thought everyone would like to know... today Dillon had his usual vision therapy. He was trying to ignore us, like usual, but Kelly said it was the best appointment she has ever had with him. We saw him move his eyes independent of his head to the right where the light was. It seemed today as though he was seeing better out of the right fields, which can change day to day. He moved his hands twice today to hit the toy and make noise and lights fo off. I have seen him do this with one toy, but Kelly has not seen this yet. Dillon was looking to the right one time, I was sitting behind him a and to the side, so when I went to use his hands to make a toy light up I used my left hand. Kelly saw his eyes move over to the left where my hand was moving. We tried it again, and he had the same reaction, the third time Dillon said "enough is enough I am not doing that again!" :-) Anyways, he seemed to do very well today with his eyes and thought you would all like to read some encouraging news.

Oh, even though nobody reminded me I did not forget about getting pictures of the light box and the new car seat. I had taken the pictures of the car seat but I can not find my camera cord to put them on the computer. I also have not been able to get a good shot of him with the light box. As soon as I find the cord I will put those on.

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