Saturday, January 13, 2007

My lil Peanut

Dillon had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and we learned he has lost 1 lb 2 oz since the month before. I am sure it is due to the new medicine we was put on for the seizures as a side effect is weight loss so much so that the makers wanted to market it under a different name as a diet pill. Josiah and I took him today for another weight check and he has gained 4 oz since Monday - some of this may be the difference in how long it was since his last meal but at least he didn't drop or even stay the same! I have started giving him 1/2 teaspoon of flax seed oil a day and will start fish oil (without mercury) as soon as it comes in. The flax seed oil is wonderful for many things - I read of a study done in Canada of women with breast cancer. The women who had chemo had worse outcomes than women who all they did was eat a muffin a day containing flax seed oil. If you don't take it you should! The fish oil is similar, I have heard of many good things with this especially concerning the brain. Plus these are extra calories in a concentrated form which is a major benefit right now! :-)

We now have a light box for Dillon. I have fun playing with him with it because I am SURE he is seeing something! I don't know how much, but the therapist agrees with me. The reason we think this is Dillon will sometimes move his eyes when the lights/patterns are turned on and will often blink. Plus the Physical therapist says Dillon doesn't try to hold his head up when in a sitting position unless I am reflecting light into his face. Please keep praying - I believe I am seeing small improvements and as long as Dillon keeps making small steps it is great!

We are looking about getting him a chair that will support him during speech and vision therapy, but he is still so small. Also, we are looking into a bath chair so that Dillon can still be in lots of water, but I won't have to worry about him slipping under. If you want to take the time to look at our options here they are:
2. Leckey Advance Bath Chair Size 1 FEEDING CHAIRS:
1. Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter Mobile Tilt Wedge Kit Size 1

Other than this - not too much has happened. Hope you all are having a great week. Oh, thank you to everyone that expressed your congratulations about our upcoming bundle of joy! I will try to get pictures this week of Dillon and his light box since it is hard to describe. If I don't get them on by Thursday someone post a comment and remind me!!

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