Monday, February 19, 2007

New Baby and New Pics

I forgot to tell ya'll. Last Monday when I bought Josiah a coffee I bought a small one for myself as well. After drinking that and then laying down resting - while waiting for Josiah to find where I was - I felt little Jaydonn moving for the first real time. I think I had felt him before but he wouldn't keep doing it for me to be sure. This time I felt him moving for a good 5 minutes - it must have been the caffinee! :-)

New pictures of Dillon have been added to our website under our family link then just click on the picture to see the new ones. The first ones are of DIllon in clothes that used to be Josiah's and the last five are him in outfits that my Grandmother and Great Aunt made for him when he was born.

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