Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Time Away

Yesterday I planned a surprise for Josiah. It was a late-birthday and early-Valentine's Day surprise. Anne took Dillon around 3pm when Si got a call to come get something from church. There he got an envelope with a clue to send him to the cafe I used to work at. There he got a coffee I have prepaid for and another envelope to go to the place where I was the morning Dillon was born. He went to the hospital then figured out he was supposed to go to Sherwin-Williams. There he got mints and another clue that gave him an address. I was waiting for him at a hotel. We were able to go swimming in an empty very clean and clear indoor pool. Then we had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. Thank you to Anne who saved us 50% of the bill with a coupon she had. We had to get up early to go look at some houses. Josiah starts a new job tomorrow in Wayne, PA which is about an hour away. Therefore, we are looking for a house in between his work and our church. We found a neighborhood that looks really nice - it is old but doesn't look too bad at all. It is the cheapest area anywhere around and it is 30 minutes to Si's work and 30 minutes to church. So we are looking in this area because we would like to move soon before I get too much further in this pregnancy. We both think it would be easier to move while I am still pregnant than to wait until after - plus it waste Si's time. Nothing is definate yet - we are just looking right now.
The time away was so nice - it was good to just laugh and be a young married couple instead of adult with responsibilities/mom/nurse/etc.
Thank you to Anne for watching Dillon over night and to N. for watching him the couple hours this morning until we got back from house looking!!


Mom Kuenzi said...

Glad you had a good time. Praying for you all.
Mom K.

Katina said...

How nice! I'm so glad you got to get some time away and that you had a nice time! It's important to get "couple time". :)