Friday, March 09, 2007

Ideas Needed

I need YOUR help! I want to change the title of my blog (not the URL - just the title) now that I am both Dillon and JayDonn's mommy it isn't fair to call my blog Dillon's Mommy. (Believe me - when I started it the day before we left the NICU I had NO idea I would have to change it so soon!) Anyways - I am looking for creative, special, wonderful, and/or funny title that includes the guys in my life. It can either be a title referring to just the kiddies (since that is who I write about) or the whole family. I am in desperate need of help because the best thing I can come up with so far is "My Three Stooges" :-) I am TOTALLY justified in that title though..... let me share with you why. Sunday morning in church Dillon talked during the whole message! He never talks anywhere near that much at home - but all during the preaching he was going to town. Plus, the same service JayDonn was kicking and wiggling so much that it was the first time Josiah even got to feel him. And as far as why Josiah can be classified as one of my stooges - well it wouldn't be nice for his wife to tell all of the crazy - and I do mean CRAZY - things he does so you'll just have to take my word for it. (I know - everyone who knows Josiah doesn't think that is possible - but it is!)

Okay - so please submit any and all ideas under Anonymous - that way if I pick one I won't feel bad for not picking someone else's. :-)

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