Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This and that

I haven't been posting much because we are in the middle of moving. We are moving about 40 minutes from here so we will be half way from church to Josiah's job. We signed the papers on Friday and will be moving this coming Saturday. My dad and Grandfather painted friday and saturday and mom and dad k and hannah and dan helped us clean the new place. I will put pictures up once we are moved in.

Also on friday night - I accidently pulled Dillon's G-tube out. It clearly hurt him but he only seemed to be in pain for a few seconds. There were a couple drops of blood but Daddy and Grandpa S put it back in for him. Then I took him downstairs and had him laying on me - I felt so bad! Then, even though all day he hadn't moved at all - he picked his head up and scooted up so his head rested on mine. I think he was telling me "I'm okay Momma, don't feel bad!" How sweet it was!

In Church Sunday night Daddy was holding him and he held his own head up for several minutes. And yesterday and today he has been doing just wonderful with moving his whole body more and holding his head up. He even kept it up for the therapist this morning from the position of laying flat on his tummy. This is the hardest position since it has the most gravity to fight - Praise the Lord - he really is making progress with his head! Keep praying!! ( I am starting to call him Mr. Wiggles since he has been moving so much it is almost hard to hold him!)

Our new neighbors are Muslim and they have a 3 year old daughter who is very similar to Dillon. Seizures, poor muscle tone, has a G-tube (she can swallow now though), has a Trac (sp? the thing in the neck to help you breath...only at night does she need it now though), just started to walk at 3 yrs old, never cries, has some vision problems, didn't suck for a long time, didn't hold her head for a long time, needs suctioned, gets all the therapies, etc. I didn't get to meet the girl yet, just the mom and the 5 year old girl. Please pray though - Josiah has had a burden to tell the Muslim people about God but neither of us felt God leading us to go to a mission field - at least not right now. Isn't it neat though that we are following God's leading and He has this all planned out already! So please pray we will be able to talk with these people as we already seem to have a lot in common with them. Another interesting things is the mom (Diva is her name) talked about God - not Allah. I am not sure why.... The neighbors on the other side are very nice people. Josiah talked with him for 2 hours last night. I am excited to see what God has in store for us in Pottstown.

I was very disappointed that no one gave me any suggestions for a new blog title. :-( So - I think I decided on one. You'll have to wait till I can get it changed though to know what it is. And since we are moving that may be a week or so. :-)


Abbi said...

Congrats on the new house! Wow that's really great about your new neighbors...what a connection! And kudos to Dillon on wiggling around so much! He's just practicing for when his little bro shows up. :)

And I really did try to think of a name for your blog (for at least a few seconds!) But given the fact that I only have about 6 minutes at a time to work on the new blog that I started for myself over a MONTH ago, well, I didn't have much brain power to put to it. :)

Have fun moving! Definitely post photos!

Tiffany said...

Hahahaha come on Abbi you only have 3 kids I don't see why you don't have time! LOL

What is your new blog address?

Abbi said...

Love the title, btw. The song "He Makes No Mistakes" keeps running through my mind. :)

I'll let you know where my new blog is whenever/if I ever get it really up and running. I can't seem to figure out the whole header/title/template section and I have zero time (like I said) to put to it. We'll see. Maybe one day I will switch over, and maybe one day I will have even less time and won't blog at all! :)