Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Must be a "Mommy Thing"!

For all you reading that aren't moms I am going to sound really crazy - for all you moms reading...I think you'll understand! Dillon has been constipated and had only had one small diaper in in about 36 hours and it was as hard as a rock. Then last night at 3am he had a diaper with a rock the size of a small marble and that was all he had had for the last 20 hours. So I decided to look in my homeopathic kit for constipation. LITERALLY five minutes after I gave it to him he went in his diaper and then he went again this morning without any more homeopathic medicine and it wasn't hard rock stuff it was a normal looking diaper! I was very excited last night when it worked - and so quickly at that! I think I am really sold on this homeopathic thing. I appreciate the lady in my church who has helped me in getting started with it all. She has told me the cheapest places to buy, given me some to help Dillon before my kit came, given me many different resources to use, given me personal examples and stories, put up with my countless questions - emails - and phone calls, you name it she has helped! Thank you very much!
I told you! Must be a "Mommy Thing"!


Koala Bear said...

That is so great that the homeopathic medicine worked so fast!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am in the process of emailing you to tell you more about my little girl, I am using the email address that is listed on your family website, I hope that is the right one to use.

Abbi said...

Definitely a Mommy-thing. I'm sitting here eating dark chocolate while reading this and am completely unfazed. :)

It's a special gift from the Lord...a survival mechanism, really. If we weren't able to finish our lunches after being interrupted three times to wipe bums, we would starve to death!