Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dillon had a very good day yesterday, let me share with you some of the highlights... (By the way it was day 67 on his program)

Here Dillon is laying on the floor. He actually got his head to midline (centered, rather than laying on one side) and held it there for several minutes. I quickly put this toy that lights up and plays music over him to give him something to look at instead of the ceiling! Now you have to understand, this is a normal position for normal babies, but Dillon almost NEVER does this!

Dillon had done a wonderful job at looking yesterday too. I can't get a picture of that, but his eyes were coming down and focusing on the pictures with a bright light on them. Mrs. B was here cleaning and she even saw his eyes moving more and just over all more alert.

I was asked to come to a ladies meeting last night and share how God saved me, how I met Josiah, and a little about what happened with Dillon. After I shared my story, the Pastor's wife surprised me with these beautiful roses! (and a box of VERY good chocolate!) It was such a blessing to share our story with the ladies.

So when I came home with the roses, my husband went upstairs and brought me down the tulips he bought me a few days ago and hid on the third floor. They were going to be for Valentine's Day but they started opening so he brought them down early. Isn't he sweet?!

I didn't nickname him "Monkey" for no reason! Here he is at 7.5 months old standing. He got himself pretty much up on his own, the toy was leaning so Daddy pulled it back up right but that is all the help he had.

This was the best thing Dillon could do! I put him to bed and he threw up (ok, that part isn't good.) But when I started cleaning him up he started lifting his head a little. So I stayed with him for several minutes helping, then I ran for the camera. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll stop talking and let the pictures talk!

And if a picture is worth a thousands words, surely a video clip with worth a trillion words!

Dillon lifting his head again a few minutes later.


Dear Abbi said...

My children have taught me unconditional forgiveness. Even if they have a snappy, pre-occupied Mommy some days, they always forgive and love back unconditionally!

Way to go Dillon on lifting up your head!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray Dillon!!!!! We love you and are so proud of you! You are always in our prayers.
Mrs. M. and Joey

Anonymous said...

Dear Dillon,
When my Mommy saw your Mommy's video of you holding your head up, she laughed AND she cried. Women! So emotional! What will we do about them? I look at things realistically -- YOU held your head up BETTER than I ever will! Great job! I'm SO HAPPY for you!
Your Buddy,

BrittLeigh said...

Praise God! That is so exciting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dillon, it looks like you are praying in the pictures. What a reminder that "with God all things are possible". Jay, you will be running around and being a big help soon. Love you boys, Grandma K.

Anonymous said...

Tears are streaming down my face! I am soooo proud of Dillon! I am so blessed by the tenacity of Dillon's mommy and daddy. I am thankful for answered prayer. Thank you for sharing those videos! And Jay? Oh that smile melts my heart! What a gift! My boys have taught me from day one tht life is no longer about me. Every thought or movement can and probably will affect them so I strive to be the best person I can be. Now that I'm saved, ESPECIALLY because of their presence in my life, I strive to be a Christ-like example.
from Wendy in OK (soon to be from NJ again!!!)

stephanie said...

This is Micah Rocks mom, thank you for commenting on my sons page! I saw this video and just cried... he is soooooo adorable, and i could see what an accomplishment it was to hold up his own head. He is amazing, you guys are going to benefit so much from this program... even more so when you have them evaluate him! Keep me updated please. I would like to talk as much as possible and share with you!