Monday, February 11, 2008


Besides the food on his face, isn't he beautiful?!

Daddy and Dillon. I love this picture!

Jay was leaning out of my arms and into Daddy's. Daddy says he is smart and knows that Daddy can get him higher in the air.

My little boy is growing up so fast!

Here he is being silly and drinking from his sippy cup.

Before Jay...

...After Jay!

He is pulling himself up to standing. He likes to play with his potty chair. Today we have started potty training. Yes, I know I am crazy, yes I know he is young, yes I know it will be hard....but we are determined to try any ways. I'll let you know how it goes.

Daddy loves to hold his Dillon. Dillon has been having a very hard time keeping his Oxygen levels up, but we think we have found the cause. His one medicine that he has been on for a while seems to cause his O2 levels to drop within an hour every time I give it to him so we have stopped giving it. Instead we are using homeopathic remedies to help.

I just missed getting the picture of him holding the ball up in the air! He throws up all over himself so much it is hard to keep him in clean clothes. I am sure all you who have kids or have babysat a lot understand that!

This is the first video we have of Jay Creeping (what most people call crawling, where he is on hands and knees.) Josiah is playing the piano in the background.

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Grandparents and Aunty in WV said...

Oh, whatever did they do before the age of videos and the internet!! Have a great day. Love you all, Dad (Grandpa), Mom (Grandma) and (Aunty) Hannah