Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day Nursing/ Sick Boys

Well today was our first day with nurses, and she couldn't have picked a better day to start! Dillon was coughing up tons of secretions all day long. I a do mean almost nonstop! Mostly they are clear and watery, I am still wondering if his teeth hurt because his heart rate has been high (a good indicator of pain). I would have been so frazzled by the end of the day if she were here helping me! Then this evening when I picked Jay up from his nap he was burning up and his legs were bright red! I knew he wasn't feeling the best either, again he is teething, but he was HOT! I too his temperature, the first reading said 104.9 I am not sure this was right as I took it again and it said something like 101. The nurse got me a cool cloth and told me to take his shirt off and put it on his head and body. I also gave him Tylenol, but it didn't seem to help. After an 30 minutes, and his temp not coming below 100.4, I started giving him some homeopathic stuff and within 10 minutes it was down to 98. He smiled for the first time today! Poor baby boys, they are both having a hard time. Needless to say - if you don't see us in Church this is why. Josiah went, but the boys and I are staying home. I am hoping to go on and listen to a recorded sermon.

Anyways, the nurse was very nice and it was helpful to have her here today. So please keep praying that things will go well with this situation and just pray for us to have wisdom in understanding God's will for us right now.

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Wendy in OK said...

My heart was heavy for you and I prayed over your situation with having nurses in day and night but also rejoiced knowing it had the potential to be a blessing at times. I'm personally not good at having outsiders in my home for long periods of time (something I struggle with and pray about). What a blessing you are to me! We had a sermon in church last night out of I Sam about how David encouraged himself in the Lord. It was what got him through. You are a great example to others of how you encourage yourself in the Lord. Thanks for keeping this updated. I love reading about your boys! And now that I've met them, I can picture them in real life.