Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dillon coming down ramp

Grandpa, Gramda and Aunty Hannah were here Monday late night - Thursday morning. Josiah and I had two days of lectures at the Institutes to learn more about how to help Dillon's brain recover from the injury. Here are some pictures they took:

Dillon looking at Grandma
Dillon and Aunty Hannah
A Jay sandwich!
Dillon's beautiful face
Jay's mischievous face!

This was the other day - Dillon was coming down his ramp, by the time I got the camera on he was mostly down but you can at least see him coming down a little. God is so good! Dillon is making slow, but sure progress. It is a lot of time and effort on my part, but it is so worth it to see my once blind, deaf, paralyzed and insensate child now seeing sometimes, responding to sudden noises occasionally, moving down a ramp and lifting his head, and responding to even the lightest touch!

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Wendy from OK said...

Hey guys! I got to meet both of your beautiful children...Jay just lights up a room with his smile and Dillon is amazing! I'm so proud of him and proud of YOU for being such a tenacious set of parents for helping your child to heal. Dillon was tired while I was visiting with him but I got to meet him. Keep up the GREAT work!