Friday, March 07, 2008

You'll love these....

...that is if you aren't bored with all the videos I put on here. But hey, if you are bored you don't have to watch - that's the beauty of blogs!

This video is Dillon lifting his head again today and it shows JayDonn playing the piano and he KNOWS what note he is playing!

This video is Dillon coming down his ramp. He used to never move his feet to come down it since we have been working with him Dillon is moving his feet more. In a few weeks he will be a real pro at this!



hannah kuenzi said...

Good job Dillon and Jay!!! Keep on working hard at lifting your head, Dillon--you're doing sooo good! I can't wait to see you guys pretty soon. Keep on practicing that piano, JayDonn. Maybe in a few weeks you'll be a better piano player than I am! :) I love you guys! ~Hannah

Wendy Glosser said...

WOW! I love seeing the progress you are making with both the boys! Thank you for posting the videos...I enjoy seeing the fruit of my prayer. Your testimony of tenacity is a blessing!! Imagine..out of all the humans on earth..God hand picked YOU to care for His Dillon. He KNEW you would honor Him in doing so. This is very exciting stuff!! Keep posting as you have time. In Christ, Wendy G in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Wow !!!! Its so exciting to see the great improvement , his eyes were actually focused directly on the picture !!! God is wonderful!