Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prayer Request Update - Baby Pictures!!

Mr and Mrs Yechout have been going with me to church this week so I will have help with Dillon since we have service every night, so we all went early tonight so we could run to the hospital and see Jared and Johanna and the new Little man. I feel so much better to have seen him with my own eyes, he is very very little but is doing so well. He is only on 32% oxygen (room air is 21%). And is on CPAP - just like Dillon started using...only much smaller! He is moving his hands alittle. He is so cute and so tiny but looks like he is strong. They fed him his first meal via th NG tube (tube up his nose down to his stomach - which is standard for preemies as they don't want the baby to burn calories by trying to eat on their own). His first meal was 1 cc or (1 ml)!! That is like a drop! It is so tiny! Jared and Joh seem to be doing great too. Please continue to pray for them as they will have a long long time ahead of them.


Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD, he is doing so well. Continuing to pray.
The Kuenzis in WV

Anonymous said...

Can you e-mail me that video??!!!

Ethan's Aunt Katie :)

Kay said...

Hey Tiff! I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy when you update your blog. I'm so glad to hear that dillon's back home and doing better. What a blessing! And Jay seems just adorable! :)