Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Vacation Pictures

Hello from the cold state of OHIO! Here are a few pictures from our trip so far....

This is a good friend of my Mom's.. Jen and her son Jerold they came to see us today (Tuesday) and help pattern Dillon. I will put more pictures on of her helping later.
JayDonn eating some colored fishes "Rudolph" gave him. I'll explain Rudolph late in this post

My cousin N playing with JayDonn

This is the little girl I used to babysit, only she isn't so little anymore. Serena was the flowergirl in my wedding. We were able to spend most of Monday with her. I am so glad I got to see her again...I only saw her for a little bit at my wedding and only for about 5 minutes since then. Thanks for spending the day with us Serena!

JayDonn playing with Rudolph - isn't that an adorable smile?!

Rudolph is a family tradition that my grandparents started. Instead of stockings on Christmas morning, Rudolph siting int he living room for most of December and every once in a while there would be a little - stocking stuffer type - present in it.

JayDonn and Grandma S

Grandpa S and JayDonn playing with toys that Grandpa's employeer bought for the boys. We weren't able to attend their Christmas party the day we arrived in OH but were thankful for the offer.

Hope everyone is having a good time as this Christ-mas time is coming closer. Don't forget to remember what the real meaning about Christmas is, we all need reminded to keep our mind on the Christ on the cross not just the Christ in the manger.

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Grandpa and Grandma K said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Looking forward to seeing you all. Love, Grandpa and Grandma K.