Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This video is not for the weak stomachs! Nah - it isn't that bad. It is just JayDonn being funny and suctioning his own nose and mouth. It is kind of gross but he thought it was funny. yes - we did make sure the tube was clean before letting him play. :-) Can also be seen here on youtube

The video below is Dillon. He is AMAZING! He was holding his head up for so long. The first time he held it up for about a minute and a half, then he fell. I let him rest for a few seconds then got him back up and he held it for another minute. Then after a minute rest he held it again for a good two and a half minutes! All on his own! I didn't touch him at all! Have I said how AMAZING he is?!?! Just in case - Dillon you are a remarkable little man! Keep up the good work! Can also be seen here on Youtube.

I will try to get more Christmas pics up later - I just HAD to get these up right away though!


Grandma K. said...

Miss you guys. Love you, Grandma K.
P.S. The house is incredibly quiet!

Anonymous said...

What a good Job Dillon and Jay did. We love you both and miss you.

Love Grandpa and Grandma S.

Adel- Hooterville Va. said...

Just a lurker here who drops by to check on little Dillon's progress.
Keep up the good work sweet little man! I'll continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.
God bless you all!