Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My BIG Boys!

Sunday evening I was really down. I don't know why - I just felt discouraged. (Does any one else have those days - or is it just me?!?!)
This week has been an off week. Monday started with drama I didn't want to deal with. Then my helper called off so we couldn't pattern Dillon. Tuesday I had someone bring a puppy over for the day only to find out Dillon's is still allergic even though he is on allergy medicine (never mind it is a lot of work!) It was good to find this out so we will not let him be near family's pets at Christmas time. Oh, we also found out Jay loves to feed a puppy and to eat the puppy's food. Today my helper tried to come for me since we can't tomorrow but it didn't work out for her, my nurse had to leave 3 hours early, and my afternoon helper had to come an hour late. Everything is off! To top it all off - I am 99% sure Dillon's tonsils are grown back. In full force! The left one is taking up his whole throat...AGAIN!!! he has had tubes in his ears...TWICE, he has had his adnoids removed...TWICE, and now may need tonsils out TWICE?!?! We have an ENT appointment tomorrow to find out - so tomorrow will be off too! GRRRR I was never one to live by a schedule but in the last year of doing Dillon's therapy I have grown accustomed to my schedule.

So what are my big boys doing??

Dillon made Mrs Robin cry today with how well he crawled down his ramp! He crawled 8 feet and probably would have done a lot more but we had him on the floor and he couldn't go any where while on the floor. It was the first time she really saw him move that well! Praise the Lord!~ I need these moments! He did it so well again in the evening!

JayDonn slept his first night in a toddler bed last night. I set it up and right away he took his blankets to the bed and thought it was great. He went to bed at night and didn't get out once. I put him down for his nap this afternoon and again he didn't get out once!!! I am so surprised!!! And thankful! We are also working on potty training and he is doing great. Every morning he sits on his potty with a table I made him and eats breakfast and goes on the potty.

Wow they are getting to big and are such an encouragement to me when I am down! Please pray for Dillon's ENT appt tomorrow. If they are tonsils I want them out right away! I don't want him to have to wait for weeks to be schedule for surgery so please pray they will move quickly if that is what needs to be done.

jay waking up for the first time in a big boy bed!


Grandma K. said...

Praying for you as you take Dillon to the Dr. tomorrow. Good boy, Dillon, crawling so well and good boy, Jay, for staying in your new bed and going potty. Have a good day tomorrow. Love and prayers, Mom K.

Justinich Family said...

I wish my 4 year old would sleep in his own bed and stay there all night. We are starting back into the routine of him starting out in his own bed. With illnesses and seizures he goes through times where we just put him in our bed because we are worried. But time to get back into the routine again. And yes it is normal to feel down, it happens to me a lot. I am sure if you read my blog you have seen those posts.