Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tonsil Appointment

The doctor said that Dillon's left tonsil did grow back but it isn't too big. They think it is only blocking his air way by 20%, which seems like a lot to me but they don't seem too worried. She did say his Uvula is way too big! They want Dillon to go for a sleep study to see how he compares to the last one in July of 07. If they feel they want to take out the tonsil again they will most likely clip the uvula but that is very very painful surgery.

But at least there is no need to have surgery least not yet.


No No Nanette said...

I will be praying.

Grandma K. said...

Hi, Glad the Dr's appt. went okay. We'll have to pray that the uvula shrinks. I never thought about praying about that before. Love you all, Mom (Grandma) K.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tiffanny:

Your blog is amazing and such an inspiration to me. i only have one special kid/son but i can't handle it like you do. May I be your friend? My name is Jety and my email is What's your email? God bless you and family, especially Dillon.

Kaylene said...

Oh wow. what an encouragement to run across your blog this morning. I watched some of the videos with Dillon and also read his bio on your family site. I respect you so much for your efforts. I know I can't even comprehend the work you do for your boys. I'll pray for strength for you. I really appreciate that your testimony seems to be motivated toward encouraging others and drawing them to Christ. I also am inspired by how much you treasure your sons. I want to be a mommy like you someday.

Also the song/poem that your blog title comes from has brought me encouragement in the hardest times of my life. That's why I first clicked a link to your blog. :) I'm glad I did

Many blessings.

Joyfully His,

Justinich Family said...


Glad to hear the appt went well, I think 20% is a lot too, but I guess the drs. know if it is dangerous. It will be good to avoid surgery again for a while. Just get through the holidays.