Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas and Ultrasound

First to catach up on Christmas 2009!

We had a great Christmas with just the four of us! It was the most relaxing Christmas I can remember. Jay woke up and came down stairs and saw the manger with Baby Jesus in it. We didn't have him in there until his birthday. He was excited about that. Then I told him to come look under the tree. He knew they were presents, but it was his next answer that was so sweet. I aske dhim who the presents are for "Dillon, and Jay, and Daddy and Mommy." He actually said they were for Dillon before himself even! I thought that was pretty sweet for a 2 year old.

On the 29th we drove to WV where Josiah's family was all together. His brother and his wife from Texas, his other brother and his girl friend from California, his parents, his sister, and us. We had a good time with them in WV for a few days then on the first we all came to our house. Even though my house was pretty full it was fun to spend time with everyone. Everyone was gone by the crack of dawn Tuesday morning.


The baby is so cute! I am supposed to be 20 weeks but the baby's head was measuring 20 weeks 5 days (oh no! big head!) We saw the baby moving around, putting an arm up over the head, she even got a picture of the baby opening his mouth while looking right at teh "camera"! Everything on the baby looks healthy.

And IT'S A ......

Ask the ultrasound lady - she knows - she saw but since I don't want to know she isn't telling! hahahahahaha
Here the baby's arm is over the head...

Here the baby is looking right at the "camera" in the lower one the baby opened his/her mouth and the gray area in the mouth is the little tongue!

Profile of the baby

Isn't life a miracle! This baby weighs only 12 ounces and yet has all the fingers and toes, has a little tongue, a beating heart, etc. It is amazing! It was neat to see the Baby moving it's little feet and wiggling around. So wonderful!! I love babies!

The bad news is our doctor is no longer doing OB as of Jan 1 and the 4 doctors who took over his practice don't go to Lehigh where I want to deliver. :-( The hospital they use is even a little further and you would have to go through Allentown traffic to get there. Plus, Lehigh has a level 3 NICU St Luke's has a level 2 NICU.

So we can find another doctor and still use Lehigh or find another doctor and decide if there is another hospital closer to us that we want to use. Please pray for special wisdom in making these decisions - as you know... who you go with can make a HUGE difference... a life and death difference!

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WilxFamily said...

The kids (and I) LOVE the u/s pics! Baby looks great. The tech got some really cute shots.

So....I can't move away without knowing!!!! Not fair! hee hee