Saturday, January 23, 2010


Some pictures that are long past due:

Dillon and Jay in their chairs. Jay does his school work in his desk and Dillon does therapy or eats when in his chair.
This is the stander I fought the insurance for over two years to get him. He finally has it! Praise the Lord! We were blessed to have equipment on loan until we got it, but these are fit exactly for Dillon with the all the right supports that he needs!
Playing while sitting in his chair.

Daddy and JayDonn on their bike. They love to go riding together. Jay says he is scared, but he really loves it!
The seat Josiah got him goes on the front instead of the back so he can talk to Jay while riding. Jay also thinks he can drive the bike this way.
We decided to set up the crib for the new baby tonight. Yes, it is very early. And yes, I am excited, but there is a reason for my madness... I don't want too much to change too quickly for Jay. I thought if we have the crib set up in Jay's room early he will be used to it and that is one less "change" that will happen all at once.

Here is Jay helping me wash the crib that was once his!
What a good little helper!
Dillon came up to help us too!
Ok so we are a little backwards from most people. Most people buy the first baby the new crib mattress, take the pictures of the Mommy's growing belly, etc. I didn't take any pictures of my belly with Dillon or Jay, but I am this time. Neither Dillon nor Jay got a new mattress, but this baby did. (Only because the other one was so old we threw it out after Dillon go this own bed, so we needed another one, but still....)
Daddy and Jay setting it up!

Jay's bed and the crib
Their dresser with a nice lamp Daddy put in their room. (Our neighbors leave their TV on all night pretty loud and Jay is scared so we have to have a fan on for white noise. This is why Jay created his imaginary friend, James. He wakes up crying for his fan to be turned on if we forget, so we just put it on every night.)

Of course Jay had to "try out" the new crib!
Dillon and Jay getting ready for their new baby brother or sister!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great day in Church tomorrow!


QuiltingB29 said...

That is an awesome stander/chair for Dillon. It's like nothing I imagined. Glad to see him in it.

Dan said...

Thanks for the pics, Tiff.
Will Dillon's stander "grow" with him?

Tiffany said...

Yes, Dillon's stander and chair will grow with him. I think the said it will work until he is over 100 pounds - same with this wheelchair. So that is good - he is only 30 pounds now so that should be a while! :o)