Thursday, January 28, 2010

RSV and pneumonia

Dillon has RSV and pneumonia. :o( His fever has been good during the night and they have him on just 1.5 L all night. They tried in the ER and on the floor to put him on CPAP, but with CPAP he was needing 8+LMP! NO one understands that at all, other than he just doesn't want the CPAP right now. They have him on a IV antibiotic and know that we want to be able to take him home as soon as possible. They need to see him back to base line on his breathing (how much oxygen, interfaced used, and work to breathe) and able to be on CPAP again for the nights before he could go home. He was on the oxygen mask until about 6am I think when we were finally able to put him on nasal cannula.

We were brought to 5South08 around 2:30-3 am and didn't even get to TRY to sleep till 4 am. And then of course between doctors, nurses, medicine, beeping, coughing etc.... well we got very little sleep.

Josiah is leaving me his phone today, but I am going to try to get my room phone if people want to call. CHOP now has computers in the room so that is nice! And we have a private room so when I get Jay we will be able to be in here. I am going to call the Ronald McDonald House and see if we can get a room for tonight.

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