Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The happenings at the Kuenzi's

Some things that have been happening around here at the Kuenzi's house:

1. One day Jay was looking at a wedding picture of Josiah and I and commented on it. So I told him that was the day Mommy became Daddy's wife. Then I asked "Do you want a wife one day?" He put his elbow on the table and his head in his hand and very wistfully said "I want a wife one day." Of course, Robin and I laughed so he kept saying it! It was adorable! I got a video of it... I can't wait to show his wife one day and even better - play it at his wedding!

2. Yesterday we did all of Dillon's therapy with him and his nurse said he was so tired last night that he didn't even wake up when she was feeding him!

3. When we took Dillon last Wed to CHOP to get fitted for his stander he was very mad. The PT didn't have the stander locked all the way so when I put him in the whole thing fell backwards and jarred him pretty good. After that he was breathing heavy and was not happy for the whole time. We walked to the elevator and as I put his coat on him, he threw up. On the way home he coughed the whole time, his heart rate was over 200 and he was breathing heavy. He had a 102 fever when we got him home. We gave him a breathing treatment and tylenol. I kept him home from church and let him rest with his CPAP on so he could breathe easy. I fed him very slowly and every hour gave him oil of oraganol. By the next morning, his heart rate was down to 115-140's (normal range) and he did not get another temp. He was better! I really believe putting him on the CPAP so he wouldn't have to work so hard and the oil help him! Normally he would have gone on an antibiotic, but he didn't have to again this time! Praise the Lord!

4. Friday our stander and chair were brought to our home! After over two years of fighting the insurance companies he finally got his equipment! What a blessing! I have had him in it 4 times since we got it and he is doing well. He stands for the first 5 minutes good and then starts to wake up and fight it. He is only in for 10 minutes for now.

5. While we were getting fitted for the stander we saw that Dillon's left leg is shorter than the right. They put a block under his foot so he would stand right. We had seen this a few times before but thought it was just how he was laying. We see the doctor on Feb 8 - I have to ask him to check and see if Dillon is getting scoliosis or if it is a hip problem. I think a hip issue would be easier to treat, but I don't know... I guess we will just wait to see what Dr. Gelman says.

6. Jay slept for 11.5 hours last night - with NO DIAPER! He was dry in the morning! He did great! He is growing up so fast! Robin and I were praising him and he said "Awww, thank you! Thank you guys!" What a crazy little kid!

I think that is it for now, I will try to put more of Jay's crazy sayings on here...

Have a great evening in church everyone!

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