Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Kuenzi #4

Monday April 25th we went for our ultrasound. I decided I did not want to find out what the baby is. I like to be surprised, I think it is better for several reasons. One being they guessed wrong with Truett and I don't want to have them be wrong again. Another is I don't want people to be "sad" for me if we don't get a girl, if we have 4 boys we will be thrilled to raise 4 boys for the Lord. Of course I would like a girl, but I don't want to EVER be sad over my precious gift from God and I don't want anyone else to be either!

Josiah decided that if I was going to be surprised, so is he! Yes! It is so much for to be surprised together!

The baby looks good, everything looks healthy. I tried to eat very little sugar/carbs that day so the baby wouldn't be too active for them but instead it was napping! They had to keep poking my belly with the ultrasound probe to get him/her to move. The doctor came in and said everything looked great. He even turned on the #D and gave us a few 3D pictures! This is an answer to prayer for me - silly as it is! I had wanted to do this so bad but it normally cost a few hundred dollars and I just couldn't do it right now - so God allowed us to get to see it a little and get a few pictures - FOR FREE! Awesome! Isn't it neat how our God cares about the little things our heart desires!
We didn't get too good of 2D pictures because the baby was looking at us and we couldn't get the profile, but here is the 3D. I think he/she has my nose! :o)


Jessica Curtis said...

That is SO amazing! I've always wanted to have a 3D picture done, but I don't think we'd have to travel to Kiev in order to get one.

Donna said...

The 3D picture looks like a clay model-very interesting. Looking forward to this little surprise. Love, Grandma K.