Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Resurrection Sunday

First an "old" picture. This was baby Kuenzi #4 at about 17 weeks.

I'm a few days late, but Happy Resurrection Sunday! We went to church in the morning and a quick lunch and little nap for the boys (Daddy and Mommy were mowing the grass) then back to church early to practice and do mic checks. Josiah sang in a men's group then the two of us were asked to give a short testimony about Dillon and how we are a "picture of Grace" because of him. I was nervous, of course, but I think it went well. Josiah spoke more about how it hit him when we got our first bill in the mail for 1.1 million and "Please pay in full." We saw we had to totally trust God for it. I spoke more about getting over my anger towards God and looked instead to see HOW it could be used for good as he promised. Praise the Lord!

Our family!

Click HERE to see Jay in his 3 year old march at church. They have the 3 year olds walk across the platform - just because they are too cute in their Easter clothes!

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valerieschnarr said...

You have a beautiful family, I was jjust thinking, if you have 4 boys you will eventually, if the Lord does not return, have daughter in laws, and you get to help pick your girls, lol, i loved JayDonn walking across the stage, he looked like a little man, hugs to you all