Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fixing the sink

Daddy and his boys fixing the kitchen sink. They changed the leaking facet to a new, wonderful, non-leaking one. Of course they all had to help Daddy!


valerieschnarr said...

Looks like Dillon was the foreman, he did a great is funny to see the little ones "helping" daddy do a 20 min project which of coarse turns into 40 lol, did Josiah attach any lights while he was done there lol

Donna said...

So funny about the attaching lights! By the way, did he?? The boys will probably be down there trying to do it themselves next time. So glad to see that Dillon could be there, too. Tell Dillon thank you for being my little calling partner today. I met a Mom and her daughter with cerebral palsy on the street and we got to talk a bit about how knowing God has made a big difference. They gladly took Dillon's Journey story.