Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring pictures and videos

Jay was so afraid to ride his blue bike with brakes anywhere except the back patio. yesterday we tried riding in the driveway and we were not getting anywhere. So I took a chocolate chip cookie down tot he end, put it beside the light and told him he had to ride down to get it. Can you guess who rode down the driveway? And can you guess who isn't afraid anymore? I guess all it takes is enough, of the proper, motivation! He is now doing great on the bike! In the next week we will try the sidewalk! Oh no! :o)

Truett's and Mommy's hands

I know they are so close to the same picture, but I love them all! :o) Couldn't decide which ones were the best so I put them all in. That's a Mommy for you!

Click HERE to see Jay riding his bike in the drive way
Click HERE to see Truett crawling and standing in the grass.

Hope you are enjoying the spring weather as much as we have been this week!


Jessica Curtis said...

That is too funny! My husband's grandmother tried bribing him to walk with a cookie, but it didn't work for her. ;) Also, I LOVE the hand picture!

valerieschnarr said...

JayDonn it was so good to see you riding already like a 4 year old, and you are not even 4 yet, wow, that was a GREAT GREAT GREAT job. I like you wear a helmet,
Truett, you are so sweet, standing up tall like a big boy,
Grandpa and Grandma love you both

Donna said...

All of the pictues of Truett in the grass reminded me of a bunny rabbit story we had when the kids were little. It showed pictures of a baby bunny sitting out in the grass. The hand picture is so cute. Jay looks like he enjoying his bike now and Truett is starting to gain cofidence in standing. Springtime is wonderful. So glad that you have some space to take the boys outside. Love, Mom K.