Monday, July 04, 2011

Catch up without pictures

Let's see here, catching up on all the happenings! I left my camera in the van which is in the shop so I will do a quick catch up and then do pictures later.

  • My 26th Birthday (June 22)! Josiah planned for a sweet dear lady from church to come over Tuesday night (since we have church on Wed) and watch the boys for us. We went out to Cheesecake Factory and sat outside. I decided even though it was a little warm I wanted to sit out side because that is something Dillon wouldn't handle well and normally we wouldn't be able to do it. We were right by the door too so every time the waiters went in and out we got a gust of cool air. Then we got a piece of pina colada cheesecake to go. We drove around on the back roads and finally ended up at a retreat that Josiah thought was bigger than it was, but it was pretty and quiet. We walked some of the trails until I was too tired then we took our time driving back. For some reason there were a lot of songs on that night on the radio that talked about being lame. I had never heard this one before and it brought tears to my eyes. Click here to listen to it: Slippers with Wings Although my presents didn't come on my birthday Josiah did get me several things. First - he got me a prepaid phone for when Dillon starts at Easter Seals. It is only to be used for emergencies with Dillon so only Josiah and the two day nurses have the number, but at least if he aspirates and needs to be brought home they can reach me no matter where I am. Second and Third - he got me two games. One is a card game called Discipleship plus and the other is a board game called Decalogue about the 10 commandments. Fourth - he got me the new Bible cover I have been wanting. It is an organizer Bible cover, I love it! I love to write in my Bible so it is great. It even has a place to store my pens and I have a very important pen in there... Right before my Grandpa went Home to Glory he gave me one of his special Bible marking pens that even has his named on a tiny piece of paper taped to the side of it. Every time I open my Bible cover, I see that pen and I think of my Grandpa and want to make sure I am living my life to make him pleased. Here is a link for what the Bible cover is like (except the inside of mine is pink) in case you are looking for one, but shop around online for a better price than this site.
  • Approved!! Finally it was approved that we could take a nurse with us on vacation. In the five years of Dillon's life we have not been able to go on a vacation where everyone actually got to sleep! Someone always had to do his night care and then was exhausted the next day. After 4 or 5 appeals and the insurance company telling us that one of us can stay up all day and one of us all night, a third party review board finally approved 9 hours a day for the night time care so we can sleep! Praise the Lord! Of course, the insurance company sent us a letter saying just because they are doing it this time doesn't mean they will ever do it again. But I figure if the third party review board said this is the standard of care for the industry it should be easier to get it approved again in the future. Then a few days before we were to leave3, our nurse was selected for jury duty! He told the Judge what his plans were and she said don't worry about it then he was selected, and supposed to sit from Thursday-Tuesday. Well Thursday morning after being there for a few hours he found out the case settled and he was able to go with us!
  • Vacation! We left Saturday morning for WV. We took Josiah's truck so that we could take our bikes and a bunch of stuff. Dillon aspirated very bad on the way down. He coughed for over 30 minutes without stopping! He just hasn't been good for almost a month now, but I am having to take my inhaler and my allergy medicine a lot too so I am sure it is allergies. While we were there we went out on the river in a blow up boat (PA tried to fine us 75 for taking a blow up boat out on a lake since it wasn't titled - in WV they don't care!) We went on bike rides, etc. More to follow....
  • Jay's 4th Birthday! Wed was jay's birthday. We started it by going out on the blow up boat with Daddy, Mommy, Jay and Aunty Hannah (she had to work a lot while we were there so we wanted to be sure he got some time with her on his birthday!) Then my parents arrived in and spent some time with us. We started Jay's cookie train cake and went to church. After church we decorated the cookie train cake and sang and ate it! Yummy!
  • Boat ride! The next day we rented a large pontoon boat for 8 hours on a huge lake (about 12 miles). We spent all day out on the boat! It was beautiful! Dillon was the best out on the boat than he was the whole time! He loves the breeze and the vibration of the boat! Most of us jumped in the lake and went swimming. We had a great time. We BBQ lunch on the dock and went back out. Then we used a rope and a inter tube meant for being pulled and rode behind the boat. Since it was a pontoon boat it couldn't go fast enough to really knock anyone off, but it was fun. I only went once because with my growing belly it was hard to lay on it comfortably! Josiah had a blast! My Dad tried knocking him off and when my dad was out on it Josiah tried to knock him off!
  • Shooting! After the boat Josiah and I went with Hannah and her boyfriend Todd to his grandparent's house out in the boonies and shot a 22 rifle. I only shot once but the guys shot more. Hannah and I had a great time talking with his Grandma, who is hilarious!
  • We came home Friday - to being locked out of our house. We knew before we left that it happened but we had to call a locksmith to let us in. We had keys but it was to the door that the previous owners had trouble with too and sometimes it doesn't work. We also locked a door that we knew we didn't have a key too because we thought we would go in the other door (the one the key wasn't working to). Needless to say we got our locks all fixed.
  • Picnic! Saturday was a picnic with the deaf people at church. Since I am learning sign language it was neat to go. I thought it went from 11-4 but really it was 4-8 so we ended up killing time by driving around where we used to live, seeing our old houses, etc. Then we went to the picnic and had a great time, Jay got to fish a little in their pond and helped catch some. He loved it!
  • And that bring us to 4th of July! We stayed home today and just did things around the house, We had a small BBQ, played outside, played a board game from my birthday, and are about to do some sparklers with Jay then maybe head out to watch some fireworks in the truck someplace (or maybe we will just watch from home, not sure).

Will post pictures and videos later!

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