Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pampered Chef Catalog ONLY party

Hi Everyone!
I went to a Pampered Chef party this week and saw there are quite a few items I would really like to get. I am learning slowly in life that quality really is worth spending a little more! So I decided to have a catalog only party!

If you have been wanting something from Pampered Chef or would like to look through the catalog please go to this site by CLICKING HERE. If you go to "Shop Online" please make sure you see my name on the right side as the Host. Anything you order would go towards my party then!

Thank you so much! Let's face it a lot of people reading my blogs are Moms - busy Mom and are probably like me and would appreciate things that make our life easier. One of the items I really want is the Deep Covered Baker! My friend who had the Pampered Chef party says she puts 3 raw chicken breasts in it with a little olive oil and microwaves it for 5 minutes and the chicken is done and tastes good! you can also bake things in a lot less time with it! Definitely something that would save me time and help when I lose track of time to still get dinner on the table before church!

I hope you can find something that will make cooking even more fun and easy!

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