Friday, July 08, 2011

Vacation Pictures

Vacation pictures!
Truett with Great Grandma K

Mom has a picture of Josiah just like this.... I guess boys love an open fridge

4 Generations (I'm only in this one to get the baby in there with them!)

Putt Putt with Great Grandma

LET ME OUT!!! I want to come play too! (Truett's face pressed up against the screen door)

Aunty Hannah out on the blow up boat on the morning of Jay's birthday.

Josiah relaxing on the boat

Jay waiting in the window for Grandpa and Grandma S to arrive


Truett's big smile (that's because he is so hyper on sugar!) LOL

Jay's cake! I had asked him before what type of cake he wanted and he said cookie cake. Grandma saw a way to make a train cake so we asked which one he wanted.... NEVER ask a question like that! The answer : A cookie train cake! Of course! Why didn't I think of that! So this is what we came up with....

My birthday boy!

I can't believe it was four years ago that he was born. The moment he was born he let out this hardy scream... Josiah and I both started crying and saying "He's crying! He's crying!" Since he was born so fast they literally pulled a doctor in from the hallway to deliver him that we had never met so she knew nothing of our history with Dillon. She was looking at us a little strange when we were so happy to hear him cry!

Truett bragged an apple from the cooler and walked around eating it! It was so cute

Jay feeding the ducks
Grandpa S and Truett
Grandma S, Mommy and Truett - I think we were looking at the ducks here. Truett LOVED watching the ducks swim beside the boat
Grandma S and Dillon
Jay helping Grandpa S drive the boat
Swimming! We decided not to put Dillon in since he had a hard week and it wasn't worth upsetting him. Jay was scared to death. Truett was a little scared but would calm down and enjoy it a little. Grandpa K got in for a few seconds and that was enough for him. Grandma K is scared of water and didn't go in, but the rest of us enjoyed swimming!
Dillon with my sunglasses on

Mommy and Truett

I don't know why this is flipped, but if you look right in the middle you can see the bald eagle! It was so cool to see a bald eagle in the wild!
Dillon loved the boat ride, his stats were the best that they were the whole vacation while we were driving around and he could feel the breeze and the vibration! Truett and Dillon enjoyed a nap!
I think this one is Josiah out on the inter tube
My Mom
My Dad

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