Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 day - 5 appointments

5 appointments equals one LONG day!

Vision therapy 8:30-9:20am : Dillon was using his right eye for the fist time in a LONG time today. She is thinking that because of the scratch on the left eye his brain shut that one off and was using the other one. Which means we probably want to start patching so we can start to force the right eye to get stronger and then try to get them to work together.

Acupuncture 9:50-10:20am : Dillon had a few more points put in today because he has been sick. He actaully relaxed his muscles during it which was good, but then shortly after he was back to being as stiff as a board.

Ophthalmology 11:00-12:pm : Once we finally found the building we were good to go! (We had their old address since they haven't updated the internet!) Dillon was so tight and stiff I had to hold him on my lap the whole time! The doctor said his left eye has healed, however the right eye has scar tissue due to being dry. I just found out last week from one of my night nurses that they no longer had the order in the book to be giving the eye gel at night to keep his eyes wet during the night. I have NO idea how long ago that stopped, and it should NOT have stopped. People are failing to do their jobs and I am not happy about it since he now has scar tissue on his cornea. Someone in the office messed up and didn't put it on the next month sheet and then the nurses messed up because they are supposed to be checking the sheets every month to make sure they are right. Since there was never a DC order (discontinue) it should not have been ignored!

Pediatrician 12:50-2:00pm : Dr Gelman listened to Dillon and thinks we are catching a pneumonia at the beginning and started him on an antibiotic. I think he has been struggling with a stomach thing and the pneumonia must just be getting started. So back to see him in another week.

Obstetrician 2:30 - 3:45 : The baby's heart beat was about 147. I had some sugar in my urine, but once I told her about our day and that I have had some coffee and Wendy's for lunch etc she wasn't too worried. She just told me to eat less carbs before my next appointment in two weeks. The baby is measuring fine and everything seems good. The baby is head down now and at this point they would not expect it to move out of that position. I have gained 33 pounds!!! Ahhhh!!! With Dillon I gain 19 with Jay I gained 25, what is with the 33 pounds and still over a month to go!?!?!?! I know I know it is normal, but still.....means more to lose afterwards! :o(

Then we went to CVS to get Dillon's medicine and finally home. I don't know what has been going on with him. He is not acting like he normally does with pneumonia, he isn't acting like he does for a stomach bug, he is doing some strange stuff with being stiff. And when I say stiff I mean so stiff you can NOT make him bend; and if you do your strength will run aout before he gives up! I don't like when he is changing his behavior, I like when I can figure out exactly what is wrong and fix it. Please just pray for him to get better with this antibiotic. Thanks!

The best part of today was JayDonn - he was so well behaved! I don't remember having to talk to him at all really. He was so good for me! And it was such a long day. He ate 2 5 piece chicken nuggest from Wendy's for lunch, plus some french fries... he was a hungry little man on top of it all. Praise the Lord because I was stressed out enough with Dillon, I am so thankful Jay was well behaved!

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Donna said...

I got tired just reading about 5 appointments in one day. I want to come and see you all SOON (well, not the baby yet) I could make two trips if I could figure out how to earn money while driving in the car. Kiss the boys for me.
Love and prayers, Mom K.