Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Jay comments

Here is a dialog between JayDonn and I on the way home from church tonight:

Mommy: Are you going to kiss our baby?
Jay: Yes
Mommy: Is Dillon going to kiss our baby?
Jay: Yes, ummm no he is going to cough on the baby.
Mommy - after I stopped laughing: Should we help Dillon kiss the baby?
Jay: No, his mouth doesn't work.
Mommy: Should we help baby kiss Dillon?
Jay: Yes, on the cheek.

He is a crazy two year old!

It was so sweet this morning after Sunday school Jay told me right away about how Hannah cried and God gave her a baby boy. I asked what her baby's name is and he told me Samuel. He is learning - for all those who work with two year olds in church, they DO learn from you! I know it seems like they don't (I have taught in there before myself) but they really do absorb a lot!

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