Monday, April 12, 2010

Scratched Cornea

This morning we went to acupuncture with Dillon as we try to do every Monday morning. When Nurse Robin carried him in Jay made a comment that Dillon was crying. Huh? Dillon doesn't cry... Well he did have tears coming out of his left eye. Soon it was red and puffy and he was having a lot of seizures. The eye kept tearing and he was making the meanest faces I think I have ever seen Dillon make.

About an hour later, when his eye was STILL red, puffy, and tearing, and he was still making mean faces at us, we called the doctor to see what we should do. He didn't have an appointment until 5:15pm but did want to see him tonight. Dr Gelman put a orange dye in Dillon's eye and then used a UV light to look at it. Sure enough there is a (in my opinion) HUGE scratch below the pupil. I got to see it and couldn't believe how big it was. The orange dye turned green and the scratch was a big green area. I estimate it was about 3/8 of an inch long by about 1/8 inch high on the one side and was triangle shaped.

Best we can tell the nurse's hair must have done it, the Doctor said anything could have done it, including hair. Where she carries Dillon on her shoulder there is nothing to scratch it except her hair....Note to self and others who care for Dillon - watch out that your hair, jewelry, zippers, coats, etc are not in the way of his face when you carry him!

Dr. Gelman put him on a 7 day antibiotic eye drop and said we have to see an optho in 7 days. Whenever there is a scratch on the eye like this they must follow up with optho. I didn't like my last optho so Dr. Gelman gave me some names to call tomorrow and try to schedule with.

Poor little man! Of all the crazy things Jay does in a day I am surprised Dillon gets these kinds of injuries and not Jay! (Not that I am complaining that Jay has been safe and healthy.... just surprised.) Speaking of Jay - a funny thing he told me the other day I wanted to share with everyone. He was playing with a toy truck, horse and horse trailer. They had an accident and the horse got hurt so I asked him if the horse needed to go to the veterinarian and he said yes. I asked him if he wanted to be a veterinarian and he said, "Yes. I don't like lions, Daniel can take care of the lions. I don't like lions, they bite me and eat me. Daniel can take care of the lions." hahahahaha I am always amazed at how a two year old's brain works!

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