Monday, April 05, 2010

32 Weeks 4 days Baby #3 Pictures

The heart beat was 145-149 this time. (Last time when it was 160's I forgot I had an ice coffee right before I went with lunch.... that might have had something to do with the high heart rate! hahahaha)
I thought the baby is transverse (laying sideways) but the doctor could feel the head and said it is head down so that is good. I am not sure if it is flipping around and is transverse sometimes or not. But she said if there is any doubt they will do an ultrasound later on. Oh, when she squeezed on the baby's head the baby kicked her! :o) Fiesty little one!
Everything is going good with the pregnancy so far, just praying for a safe healthy delivery and a safe healthy baby in a few weeks!

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