Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A sick lil boy

Last night, around 3am, I was tossing and turning in bed so I decided to get up and get a drink - even though I had a water bottle right next to my bed. Normally I don't get up, I just drink my water so I don't know why I decided to get up, but I did. I believe the Lord woke me up because the nurse stopped me in the hall and told me Dillon's fever was 104.3! She had given Tylenol an hour before when his fever was 102 but it went higher. I think it spiked higher because in an attempt to cool him down she had him in a diaper with cool cloths on his head and a fan blowing on him. I think it gave him a chill which would spike the fever even higher. So we removed the cloths and fan and waited a little bit. We also changed his CPAP mask to the one that does not have a "hat" to allow his head to cool down, but then his oxygen levels were struggling. So I had the nurse give an albuterol treatment and the vest and he calmed right down. He needed the vest to break up the junk in his lungs. I went back to sleep around 5am when his fever was down to 99.

The day was rough with Dillon, too. He only had a little bit of a fever around 1pm but he is still SO TIGHT! The only way to keep him calm is to hold him. If we don't hold him he gets so tight and his heart rate goes up. I sat on the sofa and held him till I could feel parts of my body any longer - but he did sleep some with the CPAP. Daddy ate dinner and then has been sitting on the sofa holding him all night with the CPAP on. The doctor did order a new nebulizer for him today too. Plus he has now had 3 doses of antibiotic. The doctor is warning me that even though his oxygen levels are good now, he isn't coughing the secretions up so when he does start to break them up he may not be able to maintain his oxygen levels.

We really need prayer that he will be able break up the secretions that are settled in his lungs and when that does happen that he will be able to handle his oxygen levels!! Thank you!

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