Monday, September 20, 2010

Compared to Daddy

Mom K pulled out her notes from when Josiah was little. She has a lot of them but I am pulling a few things to put in here.

Daddy at 5 months compared to Truett at 4 months:
Daddy: "His hair falling out a lot now in his bath water and when he lies down."
Truett: His hair has fallen out in a line around his head.

Daddy: "He has rolled over a couple of times but is not real good at that yet."
Truett: Rolls all the time now. He made a giant circle around our floor yesterday as he rolled from back to belly to back to belly, etc.

Daddy: "He can sit up with support."
Truett: He is not sitting up at all yet.

Daddy at 3 years compared to JayDonn at 3.25 years:

Daddy: "Josiah has some pretend cats, dogs, birds and a boy he calls his brother Tommy."
JayDonn: Jay had a pretend friend, I can't remember his name. but his friend was around almost a year ago. He was green and had wings, and only came out when the neighbors were making loud noises.

Daddy: "Can make Ezra laugh a lot by pulling on him or half sitting on him but sometimes gets too rough."
JayDonn: All I can say is DITTO! Jay does the same thing to Truett. And he laughs but then Jay will get rough and I have to step in to keep everyone happy.

Daddy: "Usually gets 1-2 reminders a day - often for disobedience and talking sassy."
JayDonn: Well pretty much the same thing! Disobedience and talking sassy are his biggest problems.

Daddy: "Loves to chew gum."
JayDonn: Everyday he asks me if he can have more of Grandma's gum, or anyone else who ever had gum that he knows of. He almost always spits it in the trash rather than swallowing it.

Daddy: "Likes to make up words."
JayDonn: molly-golly-sholly-folly-crawly, etc He rhymes words and totally makes them up. It is so funny!

Daddy: "Shows an independent spirit and often needs rebukes for talking sassy."
JayDonn: I don't think I have ever met a more independent child than Jay. He has told me not to come get him from class, that he "can do it" about everything!!, he has tried to ride his bike by himself to walmart to buy a fish, etc.

Daddy: "Likes to talk."
JayDonn: From the moment he wakes till the moment he falls asleep it is non stop!

Too funny how much my boys are like their Daddy. Mom K didn't remember things like the gum or making up words, but that is exactly what Jay does.

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