Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot Air Balloon

Remember how Josiah bought us a Hot Air Balloon ride for my 25th birthday, but it was canceled due to weather? Well we got to finally go on the ride last night! It was awesome! I started getting nervous as we were driving there, then I was fine, then I got nervous as it lifted off... but it was totally awesome!!!

Here we are meeting up with the group...
They said they used to do all the work, but people always wanted to help so now they let people help set everything up and take it down.

It was HUGE but this is not a "big" balloon they said! We almost didn't get to do it since it was still pretty windy but at the last moment they decided to go for it! He said the balloon is 50K but since the owner wanted pictures of flowers and her dog on it it was 65K. Wow!

The fire was so hot right above our heads. It was cool jumping into the basket then lifting so gracefully off the land.

Look at the view! Awesome!!

Thank you Josiah - this was a wonderful birthday present and I will never forget it!

The sun setting in the distance.

We actually hit trees with the bottom of the basket to slow down then only had 2 bounces as the basket landed. It wasn't bad at all. Then the men jumped out and moved the basket into the field a little more. We happened to land in a field that wasn't privately owned. Some men saw us hitting the trees and thought there was trouble so they ran over, but it was just how you slow down a giant balloon filled with air and a basket full of people I guess!
All I can say is totally awesome and I would love to do it again sometime! Thank you Husby!!

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Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

Good job Josiah-that is so neat-what a sweet heart!!! The view is beautiful!!