Friday, September 03, 2010

Surgery update

Dillon is out of surgery. Will try to update tomorrow. Surgery went from 10:50am untill about 8pm (about 9 hours!). They had to do the most invasive procedures on the left hip. This means they had to do an extra incision and dig out the hip socket and even cut the pelvis bone and use part of the femur bone to change the angle of the pelvis. He is still intubated in the PICU and on a LOT of sedation drugs. he is having a lot of little seizures though. He is such a little fighter - he is still waking up, opening his eyes, lifting his arms in the air, coughing against the breathing tube to clear secretions up and out of the tube, breathing "above" the tube (he is doing the work not the tube) etc. They gave him more sedation drugs to calm him down. Please continue to pray for him.

Will post more tomorrow. Thank you!

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