Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dillon update

Well on Tuesday we took Dillon to the doctor, and just as I guessed, he has pneumonia. His lungs sounded horrible! The secretions were so thick he couldn't cough it up. At one point, before we took him in, we had him on CPAP with 3 liters of oxygen and he was still holding his oxygen too low. He did cough up a large amount and then started to do better, I think he cleared a plug out of his lungs. He started on an antibiotic and by the next day he was doing much better.

The next day he had his follow up at CHOP for othro. They took new X-ray and said the bones look great. The hips are right where they should be and everything is going good. We have another appointment in a month in which time they will do another X-ray and will probably take the brace off.

We are working on trying to decrease his pain medication a little so he is only on what he needs. He is on Tylenol and Oxicodon at the same time then Diazapam. We were giving one then 3 hours later another. We are now trying to wait four hours in between each med. We let him sit outside one day in his wheelchair for lunch to enjoy the sun and wind. Today Josiah, JayDonn, Truett, Mom K, Dillon and I went on a walk to the park right up the road. We had a picnic and Jay played a little then we walked back. Dillon's heart rate was pretty high by the time we got home and he is resting now. I think he does like to feel the sun and the wind, though.

Last night we (Josiah, Mom K, Truett, and I) met up with some of my extended family who was coming into Lancaster for a Sight and Sound production of Joseph. It was pretty neat. It has been over four years since the last time I went.

Mom K is planning to leave on Tuesday, after being here for 2.5 weeks. We couldn't have done it without her! We have had 3 nights I think since we got home from the hospital without night nurses. The agency is part of the problem. They knew we didn't have a nurse for several days but no one told me so I didn't know to try to find a replacement. Please continue to pray for me as I am finding new nurses and deciding what to do about people who have major communication errors (that is the politically correct way of saying it, but not how I feel like saying it!) I have a new agency starting on Tuesday night and a few new nurses. Hopefully we can all work together to make sure Dillon's care is the top priority!

Jay never ceases to amaze me at all he says, does, his funny faces, etc. Truett is absolutely adorable. He is such a happy and content baby.

Well that should bring you up to date with the happenings around our house. We truly appreciate your prayers for Dillon. He is doing better than I could have imagined! God is good!

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