Thursday, September 02, 2010


Friday Sept 3 Dillon will be in surgery. He has to be at CHOP by 6:15am for a 5-8 hour surgery.
Here is what he is having done:

a. Bilateral femoral osteotomy - this is where they are cutting both femurs, re-angling the bone and putting them back together with large “L” shaped plated and screws
b. Cutting both Iliopsoas tendons
c. Pulling the left hip back into place, if it does not go in on its own they may need to cut additional muscles, dig tissue out of the hip socket and/or cut the pelvis and use part of the femur to re angle the pelvis.
d. Injecting dye into both hip socket to exam the degree of damage
e. Releasing un descended testicles
f. Double hernia repair

I wanted to finish catching up before now but didn't have time with all the pre-op stuff. Ohj well, will play catch up later. Please be praying! He is going to be in a lot of pain and mad that he will be strapped to a brace afterwards for 6 weeks!

Will update tomorrow if possible.

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